Deregulated Gas and Electricity

“Energy Deregulation will be bigger than the Internet.”

Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric

“Energy Deregulation will create the largest transfer of wealth in US history.”

Warren Buffett, Investor


The question is…

Will you participate in this tremendous opportunity,
or will you sit on the sidelines as a spectator?


Nothing will provide a greater opportunity for building wealth for you and your family over
the next 10-15 years than Energy Deregulation. What is it? What does it mean for the average
family? And most important, as a visitor to this site, what does it mean for you? Read on…


For decades, utility companies have provided all three components of your energy service including “Generation”,
“Transmission” and “Distribution”. Energy Deregulation has turned that business model on its head, specifically for
Electricity and Natural Gas.

Energy Deregulation in the simplest terms means that Consumers now have options. A business or an individual can
now choose their energy PRODUCER or an entity that negotiates pricing on their behalf, even as the DELIVERY is
still handled via the local utility company.

Transmission or delivery of electricity will still be handled across poles and wires; natural gas through pipelines. As a
Consumer, that part doesn’t really change. You’ll still most likely get your electricity and natural gas from the same
companies you’re using today. So other than potentially lower energy costs for you and your family, what’s the big deal?

Read those statements above again by Jack Welch and Warren Buffett. They are profound!

Do you think they’re referring to the energy savings realized by the average family? NO, and you
need to get this… They are referring to those who will be plugged in and benefiting from the
incredible opportunities available via Energy Deregulation over the next decade and beyond.

Think this is only for the rich or big corporations?

Think again!

You might have missed the most important point above, so here it is again with the portion
related to Warren Buffett’s and Jack Welch’s comments in bold and all caps…

A business or an individual can now choose their energy producer OR AN ENTITY THAT
NEGOTIATES PRICING ON THEIR BEHALF, even as the delivery is still handled via the local
utility company.

Knowledge Is Power…

Just by reading this page, you are now light years ahead of the learning curve. The next step is
to educate yourself on how to use Energy Deregulation to the financial advantage of you and
your family.

Picture this… With a little more knowledge and absorbing of information on your part, you quickly
become an expert on all things related to Deregulated Energy. With this new-found knowledge,
you’ll be joining a tiny fractional minority of people in the US who are positioned on the front end
of this giant Tsunami of Wealth Creation that’s going to take place.

Now picture this… Thousands of businesses and individuals in your area who aren’t privy to this
information and have no idea how to go about negotiating lower energy costs (or even that they can)
and only a handful of people in your area that can help them…and you’re one of them!

It’s amazing how “behind the scenes”
the whole process of Energy Deregulation
has been to date. NOW is the time to act!


At this point, you probably fall into one of two categories…(1) This is super exciting and I’m ready
to hear more!, or (2) I can’t imagine myself setting appointments and walking into businesses to talk to
people about this. That scares the crap out of me!

If you’re in the first camp, we’ll tell you what to do next below. If you’re in the latter, let us put your
mind at ease. What we are going to share with you has nothing to do with putting on a suit and going
door to door.

A little secret…Most of the time, an energy audit outlining potential savings for a business or individual
can be done in 30 minutes or less and usually online. You’re familiar with Geico, right? “Fifteen minutes
can save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.” Helping to negotiate Energy Savings isn’t much
different, only the percentages could actually be higher.

You’re more of a facilitator, or intermediary; someone pointing them in the right direction. Don’t let
your fear of not being a sales guy or gal keep you from taking the next step. Software, the internet and
automation have come a long way over the past few years. To become wealthy via Energy Deregulation,
it won’t take a “sales” skill set. Instead, it will simply take a thorough understanding of what’s at stake and
what can be gained by businesses and individuals as a result of federal and state legislation being enacted
across the country.

How much can you make by immersing yourself in the world of Energy Deregulation? Let’s put it this way.
We have the ability to tie you into a system that could allow you to become financially independent within
a few years.

Nothing ever comes that easy, so we won’t make you any promises or guarantees about how easy this will
be for you. That would be disingenuous on our part. You’ll need to know your stuff and stay on top of your
game, just as you would anything worth doing. You’ll need to approach this opportunity seriously and absorb
every aspect of what’s involved in order to be successful. Before moving forward, we would encourage you
to read back through this page and really consider the implications and what’s at stake.

It’s Now Up To You…

If you took a look at the map above and live in one of the states that still remains regulated as of today,
don’t let that stop you if this is something you’re interested in pursuing. The internet, email, Facebook,
Craigslist and other various sites and technologies now make the impossible possible. There are plenty
of people in our organization from those states and it hasn’t limited them. Most of them are approaching
this opportunity with the mindset, “If I can do this well in other states, imagine how well I’ll be doing when
my state finally comes on line!” And that’s true for so many of us. So here’s the deal…

Call this number and listen closely to what’s being said and take it all in.  If you want us to contact you after listening, leave your information at the end of the message (19 minutes) and we will contact you within the next 24 hours.  Thank you for your time.